Grant Writing and Consulting

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KB Grants Experience

Kathleen Bideaux (Kate), managing member of KB Grants,  has over sixteen years of experience in developing successful school, government and nonprofit grant applications. She has helped to secure over $37 million for Northern Utah organizations, with awards range in size from as small as a $1,000 one-time award to as large as $5.1 million. 

Why KB Grants?

KB Grants believes that the key to success is working closely with our clients and partners. By closely listening to your needs and vision, our work is innovative, highly competitive, and thorough.

KB Grants understands the complexity of grant applications, which may vary in size from just a few pages of narrative and forms to those that are more than 100 pages and include multiple sections, forms, and appendices. No matter the grant's size or complexity, we ensure that your applications meet your needs; grant deadlines; and the standards laid out by the funding agent.