Funding Analysis & Strategic Plan


KB Grants  implements a systems approach to resource development and grant funding.  We work with our clients to analyze their current funding structure to assess their specific growth opportunities and challenges.  Together, we develop an action plan to achieve our clients' funding goals.

Prospective Grants and Foundation Research


KB Grants assesses several subscription-based grant and donor databases to review potential funding opportunities.  We create a monthly list of viable matches for our clients to consider. Further, we create an annual forecasting calendar of possible grants and potential foundations as part of our strategic resource development plan.  

Project Development


Essential to great grant applications are innovative, evidence-based, and meaningful projects.  KB Grants facilitates brainstorming sessions, creates logic models and assists with research to develop "funding-worthy and sustainable projects.  KB Grants will provide examples of successful models tied to your specific program.

Grant Proposal Writing


KB Grant's staff has a proven track record of writing successful local, state, and national government grants; as well as private and corporate foundation grants.  We have successfully helped organizations secure multi-million dollar and multiple year grants.  

Grant Implementation Assistance


KB Grants understands that navigating grant program requirements can be complicated and confusing, which is why we provide ongoing technical assistance to our clients post-grant award.   We can assist with budget adjustments requests, provide professional development, and en.

Grant Reporting and Evaluation


KB Grants understands the need for organizations to implement and evaluate using a continuous improvement process.  We can facilitate your organization through the model to increase your outcomes through data collection and analysis.